Gedeliah #16

Gedeliah Council Regular Assembly Changed

The Regular Assembly of Gedeliah Council No. 16 has been moved by dipensation to tonight

*SEE NOTES* GIG Official Visit Gedeliah

The Official Visit of the GIG to Gedeliah Council No. 16 Ottawa. Dinner preceeding the meeting at 18:30 contact the Recorder if attendending


Please find attached, the Summons for the 20 October 2017 Assembly of Gedeliah Council No. 16.  Please note that the GIG for District "A" will be making his Official Visit to our Council for that October 20 Assembly.  That evening, we expect to confer the Select Master Degree upon six candidates.  Also, the festive board will be served before the Assembly, at 6:15 pm.


Floating the Ark

Floating of the Ark, the 2017 mid-summer social event for Britannia Bay Lodge No. 12, Royal Ark Mariners, moored to Gedeliah Council No. 16, to  be held at the home of our Worshipful Commander Noah and Thrice Illustrious Master, Khalil Ibrahim, 3433 McCarthy Road, Ottawa, ON   K1V 9G6 (about two blocks north of Hunt Club Road at Plante Drive).

The Grand Master will be in attendance

Gedeliah Council Regular Assembly

The Regular Assembly of Gedeliah Council will take place on the noted date/time

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